Minimalist Dream: Bare and Pretty Living Room

source: Shoot Factory via mnmize
I spy...
  1. Bare walls. Feasible. Reduce or remove wall "accessories" like picture frames and mirrors. 
  2. No storage units--there are no things to store. Unfeasible as we have toys, jackets, a dog leash, bags (grocery and 1 purse).
  3. Bare windows. Maybe. "Frost" french windows and remove white curtains? Nah, curtains are enough.
  4. White... Unfeasible because sofa is blue velvet, carpet has colorful stripes and floor is wood-toned. Would need to replace major furniture which is wasteful.
  5. Furniture... Unfeasible because backless seating/bed looks uncomfortable. For looks, not living. 
  6. Ceiling rose and chandelier, love it! But not worth buying and breaking the compact.
  7. Cushions, throw pillows and blankets. Maybe one. We've had throw pillows before. They ended up on the floor. Who had to pick them up? Mama, not the pups.
In all, I love this bare and pretty room! It's peaceful and meditative. The room lost most of its crap.

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