Deny, Negate, Obliterate, Remove, Reject

Rid of thee. Then Recess! Space. Rest in Peace.
--with the understanding that landfilling is the last resort! So creative removal--eBay, craigslist, trade, donate, etc.--first! I know, No duh. And if you bring crap in, what's the point of "decluttering?"

I encourage You to immediately write a list like this. Now! I'm so rich--that's what I'm realizing. First World problems. My privilege is already it; I have no need for further upward mobility. I gots too much. I voluntarily choose to sacrifice to the Clutter Gods: material objects, pathetic social relations, subscription substitutions. No obstacles. No-thing to block inner-ness.
  1. AT&T landline foolishness (why am I paying $30/mo x years for telemarketers to harass me?)
  2. Hulu
  3. Facebook.  But I think I didn't push the PERMANENT button. I need to do that! I need real people in my life--not substitutes. 
  4. Verizon Personal Cell Phone (Replace $50 monthly fee with "pay as you go" phone)  Replaced with CREDO. If you are inspired to change your plan to CREDO based on this ridiculous blog--contact me! I will give you my REAL name--not the ridiculous Lucent Surface! Help a gal out! CREDO cuts you a check for $50 (WTF) for every referral. Too cool for school. 
  5. Old eyeglasses with expired prescriptions. Sell ugly Prada pair. Sell Beautiful Overpriced Vintage White-with-A-Million Rhinestones Pair that are uncomfortable (boo hoo). Sell unbecoming taupe Swank pair. 
  6. Makeup. WTF to do with this shite! I know I'm already beautiful. That's why I don't wear this shite anyway... But I sure seem to have a lot... a story in itself...
  7. Needak Rebounder. --Done thanks to Craigslist. My first sell, woohoo. My ad was super-paranoid, lol. Whatever. 
  8. Black Hon filing cabinet. Sell on Craigslist for $35. $25?? 
  9. 1 Tall Billy bookcase. Put this one out on the street. Someone will take it--they always do in my hood!
  10. DVDs--including precious authentic expensive South Korean film DVDs...  Even.... Maya Deren! Un Chien Andalou! Hiroshima Mon Amour! But not Wonder Woman. And not Candy Candy.!!. 
    Candy Candy: seminal Anime; the foundation of Rom-com and Melodramatic post-modern Korean Drama!
  11. Crepe paper. Use it up or give it away. Start with: Blue, Pink. 
  12. Sewing related crap! I have fusing paper or something NRFB (never removed from bag). My fantasy self (miss minimalist did a great post on this) really loves to sew. My real self, not so much!
  13. Felt. Green felt. Pink felt. All colors felt.
  14. Japanese felt craft books. I have too many. You see the need for this blog. You don't know the half of it!!! Sell five felt craft books on ebay.
  15. Markers. Reduce by 15?
  16. Journals. Reduce by 3?
  17. Keurig coffee maker. Craigslist this.
  18. SCMS journals. too many piled up. EBAY lot.
  19. Curtains?? Allergy magnet. Replace with blinds... Craigslist?
  20. Shoes: Fluevogs flats; JF gold heels; ecco red heels; patagonia clogs; JF chunky heels; naturalizer kitten heels.
  21. Clothes: agnes b dress too small; grey short sleeved trench; fancy itchy wool sweater... 
  22. broken ibook G4 with disks (craigslist or ebay, $50)

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