ax·is min·i·mal·ist
  1. an imaginary refuge for human bodies to connect on the topic of living simply, sustainably, and minimally, despite the distractions of crapitalist modernity.
  2. a diary of one modern person's experiential experiments into minimalism.
  3. the center line of living well in modernity is to live as a minimalist.
  4. a person who favors a reductive and curatorial approach to objects, who advocates non-commodified space and who prioritizes time and relationships over shopping for mass-produced new objects that offer false promises.
  5.  a person who chooses to reduce and refuse crap and crapitalism.
  1. This "blogger" live in Los Angeles. 
  2. is of Asian descent. I'm f-ing Korean/American. 
  3. grew up criss-crossing the pacific a few times.  
  4. is a post-colonial subject of U.S. imperial globalization (i.e., S Korean with US citizenship; I am here because the U.S. was there, splitting my ancestral nation in two, aka General Order #1 after WW2 to liberate Korea from Japan, but also cause a horrifying division and continuous civil war).
  5. believes neoliberal capitalism colonizes average people by "spatializing" its relations of reproduction through home clutter.
  6. is bisexed and bisexual. 
  7. is married with two kids. LUM: lesbian until marriage.??
  8. has a PhD from Berkeley (Cal is also 'her' undergrad alma mater). Maybe I shouldn't say this. I don't know...
  9. is loving, lovable, beloved and in love.
  10. is beautiful and believes in the superiority of innate, singular, non-replicable personal aura.
  11. "has" a super easy to clean house, yay!!!

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