Ongoing To-Do

Meaning to do or Master to-do? We are Namu (tree); We are Master To-do--to be undone. 

Yes--Guilt floats in my/our subconscious. I don't want to hurt the feelings of gift giving friends and family. I don't want to face my own shopaholic idiocy for over-spending $$$ on junk. Denial is easier. But denial is the foundation of horror: the return of the repressed! Hoarders--we all can be in our land of perverse plenty!

But I feel greater guilt that my children might grow up in a state of disarray under a stressed out mama who is always using her "leisure" time for cleaning and organizing (like my own mother did on weekends)! I feel greater guilt that my creative impulses are being side-tracked to manage anxiety resultant from crapitalism. I intentionally name commodities' brands so that people may rethink their internet obsession to hunt-and-gather crap.

As Elizabeth Gettelman wrote, "We're all hoarders." So declutter! Every f-ing day. And don't bring in mass-produced, made overseas by exploited workers CRAP! 

Resolutions cannot expire. Exists beyond the calendar system. Do it. 
  1. Use eBay as a Decluttering Tool. In sixty days, I've sold a bunch of things (including the pictured Namu doll by Jun Planning!) and made $900 (wtf). Let's keep it up. This is more like a habit than an actual to-do. But whatever. Whatever and whatever more. 
  2. Stop censoring my predilection for cursing. I f-ing love to curse!! Have you seen an episode of KTown on youtube? All the ladies are always dropping f-bombs. I grew up in K-town (Korea town) here in Los Angeles. And even though I've entered a lot of rarified spaces, I really love to pepper my language. 
  3. Make a f-ing friend (not a f buddy, but an actual real-life corporeal face-to-face friend). A new person. A parent at CWC. A woman of color. A person of conscience. An immigrant. (Hey, I did this last year.) So I guess I would like to make one more friend. A person who lives within a 3-mile radius. A person who speaks a different language than I do. A creative person. A white person who understands the apparatus of race, global colonialism and white privilege emotionally and intellectually. A gardener. A genuine human f-ing being. Not a zombie-vampire sucking up life energy. Voluntary Simplicity also means choosing to make friends outside of the rat race. Gguhjuh (go away in Korean) rat-racers! Hmmmm
  4. Be good to the friends I already "have." Nourish easygoing effortless attachment--so sacred. 
  5. Read that self-help book on empathy I've had for a billion years. Go through it and do it or lose it. Start a blog about it??? Re-connect to emotions.... for kids' sake.
  6. Stop people-pleasing toxic people. Still feeling guilty about "dumping" people who creep me out. No, no, no. If the hairs on the back of my neck start doing a voodoo dance, that means the person who has contacted me is questionable and against my better good. Yes, there were good memories. But contempt, bitter disdain, and oil-spill loathing are signs. Heed warning signs. Heed. Heed.
  7. On the other hand, stop hating my neighbors so much. Smile once in a while. Not to the men, of course.
  8. Evolve by detaching myself from brands. Brand-lessness signals true progress, advancement and modernization after decades of being a fool and a tool of the Global Crapitalist System! 
  9. Start writing book reviews. On??? I read this week: Voluntary Simplicity (Duane Elgin), Joy of Less (Miss Minimalist), The Secret Lives of Hoarders (Matt Paxton). Thumbs up-nuff said. After finishing the PhD, I intended to immerse myself in fiction. But--loving the anti-clutter books best! 
  10. Declutter is detox, decolonial and de-capitalist. I resolve to declutter and not buy anything new or plastic in 2014. I already have too much new and plastic....
  11. Use public transportation twice a week. .... Sell car #2 and go electric?
  12. Love costco. Hate costco. Love trader joe's. Hate trader joe's... If only they didn't overpackage with so much plastic. So again... gotta detox myself from convenience of stores that are not earthcentric. This year I quit Costco--even though, even though... 
  13. Buy bulk food. Start this week! This week lady @@!
  14. Eat less animals... Stop eating animals... Start by stop eating beef. Cows. No new...
  15. Keep up this blog to help others (and in the process myself) undo the ravages of Consumer Crapitalism. What are some "ravages"? Isolation, alienation, the fragmentation of family, the destruction of tradition and ritual, Global Warming, Climate Crisis, mindset of disposable convenience... ETC, you know?
  16. Repair Kenmore vacuum.
  17. Tuesdays and Thursdays, hiking! Griffith Park.
  18. Mindfulness Mondays. -- Blog about this genius day.
  19. Zero-Waste Fridays --
  20. Do a Compost blog update
  21. Start an Etsy Store to sell this and that.
  22. Send out query letters re: diss.
  23. Use Echino Fabric Wish
  24. Use Echino Fabric Giraffe
Leave a comment, please, even if you're a fool, a tool and too cool for school, little poo poo teddy bear (as my four year-old would say). What's on your to-(un)do list??

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