5 Things To Do for the Home Office

The office

1. Reduce the number of bookcases in the study (home office) from 6 to 5. If I see my books in my partner's bookcases, I will cull out my books to produce separate spaces. When I have all of my books together, I will redistribute books to 'pack' bookcases. From there, I can target the bookcase with the smallest number of books.
2. Reduce the number of books I own by 25. Keep mostly expensive and hard-to-replace scholarship, and dispense with easily accessible fiction. Donate books to library.
3. Get rid of black filing cabinet. This goal is challenging, but it will be liberating. When I have finished this chapter of my dissertation, I will take half a day to sort and organize vast quantities of paper. I will arrange to borrow a paper shredder (and keep the shredded paper as packing material). Ideally, I will only possess official certificates that can be placed in one binder. On this day, I will also take time to opt-out of ALL paper-based bills.
4. Get rid of DVDs of television series. I have box sets of Twin Peaks, Mad Men and Wonder Woman. Get rid of them all.
5. Sell on ebay all academic Journals, the old laptop, the Pullip dolls, the DVDs, etc. When I am finished with the filing cabinet, I will take a half day to put objects on ebay. This will be great!

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  1. good for you! Being a librarian and someone who has two many advanced degrees for her own good, people have told me I'm crazy that I have exactly two bookcases (one for me, one for the guy I married) and will never let myself have any more. Let the libraries keep the books, I say (and keep me in a job!)You're absolutely right; fewer books are better.