To Try in 2013

After reading some of the books mentioned in my earlier post on year-long challenges, and with the new year here, I have been hovering over, and settling into, some ideals I would like to take on.
update: Jan. 27, 2014. 
  1. My motto this year: "Let's Be Idealistic!" (taken from Colin Beavan) Kinda: took a gardening class; that counts as idealism.
  2. Go vegan in a flexible, ad hoc manner. Why? To reduce my carbon footprint first, and be a better role model for my children and my community. Going veg is an everyday way to be the change I seek. And why ad hoc? People give me food all the time. I will eat it. It's free. I fuckin hate vegans' self-righteousness, especially those with a lot of race, gender, class privilege. not really--this must redo.
  3. Be less co-dependent. I'm sick of doing things for other people on their passive behalf. Rescue your own damn self. yeah--kinda; ongoing.
  4. Learn Scrivener (the writing program). No and not needed. 
  5. Finish the f----!!!n dissertation. Almost done. Love it but also sick of it. Yes! I did it!!!! :)
  6. Remove 365 Books from my possession by selling books on Amazon, donating books to the library and selling books on craigslist. removed 100; sold 45 and donated 55 to public library.
  7. Be friendlier. Reach out. not really. oh well.
  8. Take other people's psychic crap less personally. (aka, be less codependent). As in, so-called humiliations such as rejection letters, sarcasm, and other slights are less about me and more about them. Do my thing and keep doing, regardless of the potential for embarrassment, ideological pressure to conform, and name-calling by the outside, many of whom are corrupt morons. In short, invert the concepts of failure and success by focusing on interiority over exteriority. kinda; not really getting this one year later...
  9. Liberate myself from 'shoulds' involving toxic family members and filial obligations. yeah; don't expect moi at thanksgiving or whatever. 
  10. Wear all of my pretty clothes for everyday casual jaunts. Even if I am in the car and not 'seen' by anyone else.  not really; back to sweats--fu({!
  11. Add my name to petitions, make calls and take other stupid-easy steps to politicize everyday life. yeah--more or less; definitely could improve. 
  12. Compost, compost, compost. Yup!! This has been great; need to do follow up post.
  13. Choose the Farmer's market every time. Trader Joe's packaging makes up 80% of my trash. Gotta break this addiction. kinda; still going to TJs twice a month; not as often though.
  14. Make my bio-cv blog. Put it out there, just to archive my own history of cultural production for myself. forget it; just not into it right now. Into my kids.
  15. Hold potlucks more. With cute and friendly people, not annoying corporate types who give the children a lot of plastic crap and complain about their horrible lives/jobs/lack of time. kinda; tried this a few times. sadly, no new friends invited us to their place--wtf!


  1. great list, I need to do one!

  2. your kitchen is definitely one I aspire to! We've got so much kitchen crap. I don't know where to draw the line with kitchen gadgets since it means we eat out a lot less than we used to. Great pictures, thanks for sharing!