Get Rid of...

Verizon and At&T. I don't want you anymore.

I want a "pay as you go phone." How many phones can one household justify? How many phones can one person go through? I'm on my third phone. I took the first two to an electronic waste collection center in Glendale. How many phones does a person living in the crapitalist system dispose of?

I understand the value of the IPhone as the Swiss-army-knife of modern gadgetry. It is a powerful minimalist tool. My friends have them and wink-nod that I should get one. But in my mind, I respond, Hell No! I don't want to worry about losing it. I don't want to worry about funding it. It's another hassle.

Also, I like being inaccessible and reducing other's expectations. I let people know I don't have a smart phone so they know I won't be responding to them ASAP. It's not an emergency. It's not urgent. I'm a slow-poke. I am okay with 'missing out'!


  1. fyi you can still dial 911 on a deactivated cell phone should you decide to cancel your service--after all we lived half our lives without the benefit of one and there's always someone in your vicinity that has a cell should you really need to make a call

  2. That's one reason I miss living in Europe. You couldn't get a contract for a cell phone in Spain if you sold your soul. The pay as you go prices were high though. But I never call anyone, so no big deal!