Have you seen the youtube lecture "Sugar, the Bitter Truth?" with Robert Lustig?
Or the TV show 60 Minutes' coverage on toxic sugar?

Here's the sugary poisons I got rid of... (with a heavy addict's heart)

  1. Almost full jars of: Strawberry jam, Cherry jam, 2 kinds of Lemon curd & TJ's speculoos cookie butter 
  2. Holiday candy from Easter, Valentine's & Halloween. Threw out a chocolate bunny. These were all 'gifts.'!
  3. New Bags of Chips for baking: white and dark chocolate and "sugar melts"
  4. Dates
  5. Tea mixes with sugar (the Korean teas I like are filled with sugar, and have wasteful packaging)
What I need to get rid of...
  1. Actual sugars!: white, brown, cane
  2. white flour 
  3. go through all processed foods (bread loaf, jars, cans, boxes)
We never buy juice, thank goodness! That $hit is basically $oda.  And even though I always, always want to buy ramen type packages, I don't. That's poison.

I can believe that like the average American, I eat half a pound of sugar a day. That's 150 pounds of sugar a year!!! F_#@K! 

I need to be honest with myself. Stop eating sugar. That's deadly poison -- not feeding my kids or my self love, but hate--death--pain--suffering by feeding self/family sugary crap!

What the hell is my problem? Born into sugar-capitalist system. Most mystifying food in the world.

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