Method on Sugar reduction and Self love

After my history of sugar addiction, it feels delightful to be free of sugar. At first, after my last post when I threw out the sugary crap in my house, sugar was hyperalert on the brain and I was on the hunt. The opposite of my intention took over, and I was obsessed. For three days, around 4pm, I would rummage through closets,  pockets and bags for chocolate! I would eat handfulls!!! After the third day, there was no more candy to be found. The jar of choco-dream was finished.

I started to buy twice as much fruit as compared to before. I ate pears, apples, tangerines, strawberries, melons and bananas. I longed for sugar, but it got easier with each day. I felt freer--I forgave myself for my chocolate binge and accepted it as something I needed to do to let go of this loss--after all, sugar had been my companion for a long time.

What really helped curb my sugar cravings was twofold: starting the day with protein and taking omega 3 supplements. I had a bottle of Carlson's fish oil and I started to take two tablespoons. The bottle itself had been in the fridge for months untouched. It worked great. I also took a little bit (1 teaspoon) of sea buckthorn oil.

Since starting my protein and oil habit, I've been eating a lot less fruit. And miraculously, I can say no to my husband's pancakes, instead of getting mad at him for making them and blaming him for my sugar addiction. My sugar addiction is my pattern--not someone else's.

Some positive outcomes of removing sugar and adding fish oil: 1) my sleepless leg syndrome has diminished!!! 2) my face looks less puffy!!! 3) I feel less cranky and angry!

Give this little method a try!

  1. Ruthlessly remove all the sugary crap in your home. 
  2. Expect and accept that you will be in withdrawal for a few days. Forgive yourself and be kind if you start craving sugar. If you find sugary crap, it's okay to eat it. Allow yourself to feel a sense of loss of your old pattern.
  3. Bring twice as much fruit as usual into your home. Dont' buy anything sugary. Eat the fruit without worrying about the glycemic index of bananas or whatever. Fruit from the farmer's market tastes a lot better!
  4. Start the day with protein and omega three supplements. 

Remember that sugar is as addictive as heroin. The problem of sugar addiction hides and distracts from other covert discomfort. Sugar addiction is physical and psychological. It's a historical addiction going back to childhood. Modern life is flooded with sugar. Unfortunately, you have to be on guard because crapitalism is pushing you to become addicted to its chemical, nonfood crap. Protect yourself from commercial culture--love yourself! Sugar feeds inflammation, cancer, bad health. Love yourself--it's hard at first. It will pass, and get easier.

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